NDRS Construction Inc., is a leading provider of commercial construction services in renovation, additions and new construction in a variety of types of facilities including retail, office, community centers, hospitality, educational, religious and industrial.

Our Promise
Our number one objective is to our clients treating each with the highest standards of professional ethics, respect and appreciation in the construction industry . As a result, we are known for our excellent service to every client.

Why Choose Us
Professional, Understanding, Knowledgeable and Experience.  With over 30 years in the construction industry and 5 years in development, we offer valuable input to each project from design through construction

Large Loss Emergency Service and Commercial Restoration Services 

At NDRS Construction our company delivers quality large loss mitigation, restoration and reconstruction services to our customers. We can handle any type of commercial project including office complexes, warehouses, apartments, condominiums, schools, shopping centers and health care facilities

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Phone: 352-593-4142
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Fax: 352-593-4904

General Contractor - CGC1519286                                  Mold Remediator - MSRR 2179
Phone: 352-593-4142                                                                        Phone: 727-741-6311
                                                         Fax: 352 593-4904

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